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Outdoor Warning Siren Locations

Some Political Subdivisions within Butler County provide and maintain OUTDOOR warning siren systems. These systems are designed to provide an audible alert for those persons that are-- just that--"Outdoors." The system is not designed to provide warning to citizens that are already indoors.

The Function of the siren is to alert residents to TAKE SHELTER and/or go indoors and TUNE INTO THE RADIO and/or TV to become informed. Major uses of the sirens within Butler County are under the following conditions:

1. A tornado warning has been by the NWS or seen by public safety official.
2. An impending enemy attack.
3. A chemical emergency in progress.

All Sirens within the county are tested on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 12:00 Noon. The tests are not conducted when there is the possibility of severe weather on that day.

The listings below indicate the location of the "OUTDOOR Warning Sirens" within some communities of Butler County.

City of Fairfield:
Tylersville Rd., East of Seward Rd.
Seward, North of Port Union
Mack and Boymel
Good Neighbors' Park on Walter Ave.
River Rd. at Muskoff Rd.
Lake Manor Dr.
Nilles Rd. at Winton Rd.
Gilmore at Port Union
Pleasant Ave. at Hunter Rd.
Crestview Ave. at Mack Rd.

City of Hamilton:
Municipal Building High St.
Lincoln Elementary North "E" and Gray
Monroe School on Carriage Hill Ln.
Eaton Ave. at Hamilton High School
Hooven & Clinton Avenues - St. Ann's
Erie Hwy. at Elm St. Fire Station
Shuler & Bender Ave. Fire Station
City Garage - Erie Hwy. & Penn Ln.
McKinley School Gersam & Westview

City of Monroe and Lemon Township:
Monroe Firehouse on Rt. 4 (Hamilton- Middletown Rd.)
Behind Xerox on Salzman Rd.
Britton Ln.
East Ave.
Mound Cemetery by the Water Tower

City of Oxford:
Corner at East Sycamore and University Ave.
McKee Ave.
Sandra Dr.
309 Michelle Dr.
Riggs Rd., Between Fairfield Rd. and Brookville Rd.
217 West Church St.
7185 Stillwell-Beckett Rd.

Fairfield Township:
St. Rt. 4 at Creekside Dr.
Rt. 4 at D.Russell Lee Vocational School
Morris Rd. at Fairfield East School
7800 Block of Morris Rd. Near Courts of Praise
2790 Tylersville Rd. at M & M Auto Sale

Village of New Miami and St. Clair Twp.:
New Miami Water Plant, US 127

West Chester Township:
Tylersville Rd., East of Rt.747
6300 Tylersville Rd. at Lakota Hills Baptist Church
Tyler's Place Blvd. at Fire House #5
St. Rt. 747 at Port Union Rd.
Lakota Dr. West at the High School Rear Entrance
6839 Station Rd. Between Barret and Cincinnati-Dayton Rd.
7857 Barret Rd., East of Cox Rd.
Duff Dr. at Fire House #3
Schumacher Dr. at the Dead End
Cincinnati-Columbus at Dimmick Substation, South of Dimmick Rd.
9343 McCauly, South of West Chester Rd.

Liberty Township:
6579 Princeton-Glendale Rd. at St. Rt. 747, on the Water Tower Site
4604 Kyles Station Rd., East of Ramcrete Facility
6094 Kyles Station Rd., West of Liberty Woods Dr.
7333 Kyles Station Rd., West of Cincinnati-Dayton Rd.
7802 Bethany Rd., East of I-75
Liberty Park, Near the Picnic Shelter
LeSourdsville-West Chester Rd., South of Princeton Rd.

City of Middletown:
Amanda School on Oxford State Rd., at Judy Dr.
S. Verity Pkwy. at 18th Ave.
Reinartz Blvd. at N. Broad St.
Avalon Park, N. Verity Pkwy., at Germantown Rd. (Nelbar)
Roosevelt Blvd. at S. University Blvd.
Kensington Water Pump Station, located at Sherman St. and Dorset Dr.
N. Breiel Blvd. at Manchester Rd.
N. Breiel, 300 Block at the Water Tower
Grand Ave. East of S. Breiel Blvd. at Jacot Park
Roosevelt Ave. and Roosevelt Pkwy. Near Lowe

City of Trenton:
200 Cypress Ave.
500 North Miami

Oxford Township:
Bonham Road
6582 Morning Sun Rd.
6015 Brown Rd.
6640 College Corner Pk., Near the Boulder Inn
5830 Taylor Rd.
6405 Todd Rd.

Fire Station Sirens:
(Serve as Weather Warning Sirens)
College Corner
Seven Mile

Village of Millville:
2860 Ross-Hanover Rd. at the Millville Fire Department