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Local Emergency Planning Committee

About Us


The Butler County Local Emergency Planning Committee (BCLEPC), as established pursuant to the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA) of 1986, shall prepare hazardous material emergency plans that indicate the facilities that use, produce, or store hazardous substances that are present in Butler County. The BCLEPC shall serve as the repository for reports filed under Title III and shall direct Title III implementation activities and perform outreach programs to increase the awareness, understanding and compliance with the EPCRA.


LEPC Public Initiatives

The Butler County Emergency Management Agency provides administrative staffing for the LEPC under a contractual agreement. Through that staff the Butler County LEPC tracks more than 300 facilities which annually notify under the requirements of EPCRA, and this data is available for public inspection. Some of the Butler County LEPC's accomplishments include:

  1. Developing the Butler County Hazardous Materials Emergency Plan
  2. Creating the Butler County Hazardous Materials Cooperative
  3. Providing hazardous material training for first response personnel
  4. Developing and analyzing hazardous material response team needs
  5. Developing and holding public and private sector hazardous material emergency exercises
  6. Assisting public and private facilities with chemical emergency preparedness planning